Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mobile Storage -- $1 pick-me-up (literally)

My $1 mobile storage solution
Books ... paper pages or e-reader?  One slim electronic "volume" is appealing to this frequent mover --- no boxing, no carting, no visual clutter or books falling off shelves, less furniture ... hey, while I'm thinking of it ... one less room (or at least one less big wall) to look for in a new rental!  I'm all for simplifying my stuff, but I just haven't gotten into paperless books. 

We've lived in four houses in the past five years (and hope to move again in the next few months).  New house, new wall, second floor bonus room to first floor living room ... whatever, these books have been boxed and moved even more than four times.

Before ... cluttered shelves

I was tired of looking at messy shelves, and I was tired just thinking of moving them again.

My problem was my solution --- mobile storage.

in progress ... see the boxes

I collected a couple of wine boxes each time I shopped at Trader Joe's, boxing juice or canned goods rather than using a bag.  Sturdy enough for books, they were already cut, although not straight and not always equal in height.  But that doesn't really bother me.  I'm kind of random like that, I guess.

I planned to use chalkboard paint on the boxes, but couldn't find my can.   I bought a $1 quart of flat black paint from Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store and started painting.  The plain paint worked just as well as a chalkboard, at least on cardboard.

About halfway through, I realized I was going to run out of paint if I continued painting all four sides.  I wanted the paint to match on the front, so I started painting just the fronts.  I will paint the other three sides with another black paint.  You can still see the unpainted sides of some of the boxes, and that does kind of bother me.  For now, I prefer to look at the vintage pencil sharpener.

My $1 supplies project took hours of sorting and shuffling books.  If I had worked solidly, I could have done it in a day, but I seem to start projects right before dinner and then I'm painting around cooking and cooking around painting.  

For now, I'm liking the boxes stored upright with the chalk-written subjects showing.  I could tip some of them on their sides, and maybe will do that with the books we're currently reading.

Thank goodness, pretty doesn't have to be permanent.

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  1. luv it! what a great idea. it looks really good, and practical too.
    ps. my lights are from home depot:)

  2. Thank you! And thanks for the lighting tip too.